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Ki-ways - Making you Healthier and Happier

Ki (pronounced as key), is the Japanese word for our Energy. It has also been called Chi (Chinese), Prana (Vedantic), Lung (Tibetan), Mana (Hawaiian), Vital Energy (Western), the Force (Star Wars) and so on. Just about every ancient culture in the world and many modern cultures have the concept.

Ki is the binding agent that joins martial arts, healing arts, meditation, connection with nature and many other of mankind's cultures and arts.

Historically, the knowledge of Ki has been something that has been kept secret or regarded as esoteric. It is my belief that mankind has reached a turning point where the benefits of understanding Ki can no longer be reserved for an elite but should be allowed to help the species and the planet in its evolution.

If we learn how to become connected to our Energy or Ki, we learn how to access deeper levels of our own selves and thus become more true to ourselves. This feeling dissolves stress and makes us feel at one with our basic nature and ultimately at one with the Universe.

Just as the fingerprints on our fingers are all unique, our Energetic fingerprints are unique. This means that we all have different pathways to our Energy and the benefits of understanding our Energy.

By tuning the exercises and meditations to YOUR needs, we make the learning process easy, fun and interesting.

The Ki-Ways promise is to help you to find a way to access your own Energy or Ki.

We call this your Ki-Way. When you find your own Ki-Way, you unlock the door to your inner self and improve your own body, mind and spirit – giving you the opportunity to be healthier and happier in your life.


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