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Chi Gung literally means “Energy Work”.  It is a method of learning how to cultivate and improve your own Energetic system and thereby hopefully increase your health and happiness.

Many Chi Gung movements look very much like Tai Chi movements.  Indeed, Tai Chi movements are all used for Energy cultivation so they can be regarded as Chi Gung.

There are however many styles of chi gung.  There are the flowing Tai Chi style movements, standing Chi Gung, meditation Chi Gun and even “hard” Chi Gung amongst many others.

If you decide to learn Chi Gung with Ki-Ways, you will be introduced to sets of exercises that are designed to improve your overall wellbeing. 

When the first target which is usually health, wellbeing and relaxation has been achieved we will introduce different exercises to keep your development moving forward.

Eventually you will become your own Chi Gung master and be able to devise your own exercises that work for you.  The next level of master after that for those who wish is to learn how to help others with Chi Gung.

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