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The Tai Chi Upgrade Course - Finding Energy within your Movement

The tenth essence of Tai Chi is called "Finding stillness within motion and motion within stillness".

To understand the Tenth Essence, one must be able to sense directly the Energy flows within the body. This doorway is opened by first finding an inner quiet that allows it to happen.

The course comprises of techniques that are based on meditation, Energy cultivation, martial art, awareness, group work and individual help. You will learn how to apply the knowledge to what you already practice – no matter what your level the course is suitable for beginners and masters.

It is an area of Tai Chi and martial arts that is usually left to chance but guided direction allows the experienced participant to make major leaps in progress or create a good grounding for the beginner.

The day will be split into two parts. In the morning we will analyse the techniques and Energies that are essential for your Tai Chi form.

This will give you the tools that you need for the work we will do in the afternoon when we will improve your awareness of Energy within the form and learn how to use the Energy.

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Key to Ki Training

Ki is the name for the Energy that not only keeps us alive but maintains our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It has many names. It has also been called Chi, Prana, Energy and many other names in disciplines such as martial arts, healing, yoga, chi gung, Reiki and meditation amongst others.

It is not limited to martial arts, healing and meditation. We all use Energy every day in our lives. Everybody knows the feeling of being looked at, loved or disliked. These can be subconscious perceptions of Energy.

Key to Ki training teaches you how to:-

  • Sense Energy in a non subjective way
  • Understand Energy
  • Manipulate Energy
  • Extend your senses beyond their normal boundaries
  • Apply the new learning to whatever it is that you do

Training can be done in the format of a series of morning workshops or a shorter series of two day workshops.

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Microcosmic Orbit Training

Our bodies have different Energy channels or meridians running both internally and externally. According to traditional medicine from places such as China, Japan, Tibet and India amongst others, if the energy flow in the meridians is good then we are healthy.

This definition of being healthy goes beyond many Western definitions of simply not being ill. When we talk about health in this context we are talking about the body, mind and spirit of a person. You learn how to maintain yourself on all levels.

An ancient method that has been made popular in recent years by Taoist masters and teachers is the "Microcosmic Orbit". In Microcosmic Orbit practice you learn how to circulate energy in two of the main channels of your body running up your spine and through the front of your body.

When these two meridians circulate Energy it is distributed through your entire meridian system.

The effect of this is to make your body stronger, your mind more relaxed and alert and helps you to have a positive feeling in your life. Tension is transformed into contentment!

Training can be done in the format of a series of three morning sessions or one full day of training.

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