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Many of the a older traditions of the world such as Taoism, Shamanism, ancient Greeks and Mayan to name but a few are closely tied with the primal forces of Nature.

The elders would look at the world around them and learn lessons from the seasons, day and night, location, animals, plants and whatever else they observed.

We do not need to rely on the elders from our tradition or other traditions. It is true that we should respect that which has gone before us and learn from it but if we can learn how to connect better with Nature ourselves then we can perform a similar role to the elders of olden days.

If we can learn how to slow out minds down, relax and connect with nature – it will actually tell us everything that we need to know!

The advantage is that you will have worked it out for yourself. It will be your path! You are not the same person as the ancient teachers and your path will be slightly different. When you are on your own path – you will follow it. You will no longer be following somebody else's success.

Ki-Ways will teach you how to specifically connect your Energy to that of a plant or tree. When you have made that connection you are connected to the power of Nature and have access to healing and knowledge.

You will be creating your own success and your teacher will be Nature.

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