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In Eastern wisdom there are five elements - Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

five elements

Each element has many different correspondences. For example, the Metal Element can correspond to the colour white, lungs, large intestine, boundaries, skin, grief, clarity, autumn and so on.

We are all mixtures of the five elements. They are all present in all of us. However, we can have elements that get out of balance. For example, in a time of grief the metal element may become dominant. This is not a particularly good situation but for some peoples constitutions it can be extremely challenging.

Understanding the five element and what we can do using exercise, treatment, diet, meditation and nature will help us to maintain our health at difficult times and be more at peace with ourselves even at less challenging times.

Ki-Ways can teach you about the five elements through seminars, lessons and blogs. You will learn how to understand and feel the elements and use them to achieve better health and happiness.

You will learn theory but theory is only the starting point. We will use exercise, meditation and observation to understand the five elements.

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