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Food Energy

Sometimes, if we want to develop our practices or improve out health, we need to look at what we eat. Some foods are more Yin and some foods are more Yang.

If we can understand how to use and feel Yin and Yang within our diets we will learn how to improve our health on every level. Sometimes very simple changes can give big results!

For example, if you are going on a meditation retreat then it might be a good idea to simplify your diet and make it more Yin. Zen retreats sometimes reduce the diet to not much more than brown rice, water and a few supplementary items. If however, you were going on a mountaineering holiday instead of a meditation retreat you would need more Yang in your diet.

Our constitution also makes a big difference. If our constitution is too Yang then we are not helping if all of our foods are very Yang. We need to lighten up!

Tips around food Energy will sometimes be given as follow up work for Shiatsu treatment or other work. Special seminars looking at our "Whole Health" will be held to help you to understand the dynamics of food energy.


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