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In a previous job, I would walk into the office and instantly I would feel as though my life force were draining away.  I would smile at people and in general if people did smile back they would do it in a fleeting and nervous way.  It was an unhappy place to work.

Nowadays, one of the things that I do is to teach Tai Chi to a group of people with learning difficulties.  When I walk into their room, they all greet me with happy smiles that come from the heart.  This is a happy place to work!

If you are with happy people, it makes you feel good.  If you are with frightened, sad and nervous people then you do not feel so good.

In healing smile meditations we imagine that our internal organs are like friends that help us though our lives and imagine that we are smiling to them.  Just as our friends smile back when we smil at them, so do our organs.  We start to feel better.

The technique may seem far-fetched but it works!  Once, whilst on a coach trip from Budapest, I caught food poisoning.  The only medicine that I had was the healing smile.  I was OK for most of the time but if anybody distracted me buy asking if I was OK, then I would lose my concentration and feel ill.


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