Key to Ki Training - Energy Sensitivity Training

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Ki is the name for the Energy that not only keeps us alive but maintains our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It has many names. It has also been called Chi, Prana, Energy and many other names in disciplines such as martial arts, healing, yoga, chi gung, Reiki and meditation amongst others.

It is not limited to martial arts, healing and meditation. We all use Energy every day in our lives. Everybody knows the feeling of being looked at, loved or disliked. We can sometime just "tell" when somebody is not telling the truth, "feel" the weather, sense our way home or "have a feeling" that something is going to happen. These can all be understood as subconscious perceptions of Energy.

By learning how to become more conscious of these perceptions of Energy one can both deal with them more effectively and unlock the doorway to perceptions that were previously not thought possible or perhaps even considered. When you learn how to work with Energy, the potential is huge. Just about every skill can be enhanced with Key to Ki training.

Key to Ki training teaches you how to perceive Energy in a way that is not subjective. This means that if one person perceives a movement in Energy anybody else who has done the training will feel the same movement at the same time.

It is not difficult and can be learned quite easily by anybody who has an open mind and genuinely wants to learn.


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