Energy Key to Ki
Key to Ki
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Healing Colours & Sounds
Chi Gung

Key to Ki is a multi-levelled course that starts by teaching you how to expand your perception beyond the normal limits of your body and the normal senses.

This leads you to be able to experience Energy in very specific and non-subjective ways.  For example, if somebody were doing some healing or practicing a technique that increases your Energy such as Tai Chi or Shiatsu, then you would be able to perceive when, where and by how much the Energy is changing.

Everybody who has done this type of training will feel the energetic shift at the same time.

At this point a doorway is opened and Ki-Ways can teach you how to learn skills such as healing for local and non-local people, martial arts, self-development coaching or many other skills.  Really at this point the only limit to the skill is your imagination.

This is all with the knowledge that your perceptions are not your imagination!  You will know this because others will have felt the Energy changes at exactly the same time as you have done! 

You will suddenly become an expert in whatever your chosen field of experience is because you will have learned how to penetrate the technique and get to the feeling of mastery that lies beyond simple technique.



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