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Have you ever been in a room where there are so many people talking that it makes it difficult for you to think?  Most of us have.  It can be very frustrating and difficult to function in such a room.  It can even be stressful!

Is your mind like that?  Try this experiment.  Sit down and try to count to ten without thinking of anything other than the fact that you are trying to count to ten.  If you think of something else – just stop.

How far did you get?  If you got to six or seven then you did very well.  If you got to ten then you either already understand the meditative state of mind or perhaps even missed the fact that your mind was chattering away to itself.

Basic meditation techniques can teach us how to calm down the mind.

Along with many physical, mental and spiritual benefits, the practice of meditation can teach you how to use your mind more efficiently for other practices.

A popular meditation session has been a seasonal session run by Ki-Ways.  I run a meditation group for the winter and summer solstices and the equinoxes.

Meditation classes can also be run as private or group sessions.


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