Microcosmic Orbit Training

Venue: Wake House, North Street, Bourne, Lincs
Cost: As a one day course £98, as three shorter sessions £38 per session
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Our bodies have different Energy channels or meridians running both internally and externally. According to traditional medicine from places such as China, Japan, Tibet and India amongst others if the energy flow in the meridians is good then we are healthy.

This definition of being healthy goes beyond many Western definitions of simply not being ill! When we talk about health in this context we are talking about the body, mind and spirit of a person. You learn how to maintain yourself on all levels.

An ancient method that has been made popular in recent years by Taoist masters and teachers is the "Microcosmic Orbit". In Microcosmic Orbit practice you learn how to circulate energy in two of the main channels of your body running up your spine and back down your front. When these two meridians circulate Energy it is distributed through your entire meridian system.

The effect of this is to make your body stronger, your mind more relaxed and alert and helps you to have a positive feeling in your life. Tension is transformed into contentment!

Ki-Ways Microcosmic Orbit training comes in three stages that can be either completed as a full one day workshop or broken down into three shorter workshops. It is suitable for all levels of fitness and has no pre requisites for training. It is open to all.

  • In the first part of the training you will learn the basics of what the microcosmic orbit is, learn stretches and movement to open the Energy channels, how to move Energy with the intent of your mind and then how to circulate Energy in the microcosmic orbit. This will take three hours.

  • The majority of part two is a treatment on Energy channels to ensure that they are open and are working efficiently. Your practice of the microcosmic orbit will also be reviewed.

  • Part three will teach you some more exercises and then go into applying the microcosmic orbit to other aspects of your training such as Martial Arts, Healing and self-development. You will also learn the meanings of the different points on the Energy pathways and a Ki-Ways tutor will help you apply that knowledge to your practice by telling you where the Energy needs attention. You will learn techniques to improve the Energy flow in that area. This final part will take three hours and will be done as a mixture of group work and partner work.

If you are interested, it is advisable to book early. Numbers will be kept low to ensure a high quality of coaching.

Parts two and three will be by arrangement with participants of part one. If you prefer the idea of learning the Microcosmic Orbit in one day, please contact me and we will arrange a day or even a venue to suit your schedule. The courses are held at Wake House in Bourne, Lincolnshire.


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