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The microcosmic orbit practice teaches you how to link two Energy channels.  One of them rises up the front of your body and the other rises up the back.

When they are linked together then Energy circulates through the channels in a circuit.  The effect of this is to improve your general health by feeding Energy into all of the other meridians.

If you are interested in maintain your health, it is a useful practice that will help you to focus your energy and nurture your inner strengths.

If you practice martial arts it is very useful for both beginner and advanced students because it helps you to coordinate your body, mind and Energy together so that the whole of you is practicing and that you are not just going through the motions.

If you practice a healing art such as Shiatsu, acupuncture, Reiki or any of the thousands of techniques that are out there then I would consider that this training or something equivalent is vital.  Consider this – if your client comes in for a treatment and you make an Energetic shift on them then they are happy.  You have done your job.

What happens if they make an Energetic shift on YOU.  Your energy can become depleted and you may even start to carry a part of your clients Energy matrix.  You do not want to take this sort of work home with you!  If you learn how to use the Microcosmic orbit then you learn how to seal your own Energy in a circuit so that this does not happen.


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