The Five Seasons Package

Shiatsu can be used in two ways.  It can be either to regain health if you are unwell or to maintain health if you are healthy.

As we go through the year sometimes the biggest health challenges are as the seasons change.  The oriental view is that there are actually five seasons in the year that follow the “Five Elements” used in Shiatsu and other therapies.

Five Seasons Shiatsu

Wood = Springtime

Fire = Summer

Earth = late Summer/early Autumn

Metal = late Autumn/Early Winter

Water = late Winter

If you are looking at maintaining your health then having a Shiatsu treatment as the seasons change is an excellent approach.

The "Shiatsu Five Season Package" at an investment cost of £150.00 gives you five full Shiatsu treatments to be taken as and when you are ready throughout the year giving a saving of £40.00 compared to booking the treatments individually.

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