The Ki-Ways Consultation Package

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The quickest way to really get your training on to your personal path – i.e. your Ki-Way is to have a Ki-Ways consultation at the start of your programme.

If you are already working with a program it is a good idea to have the consultation once or twice a year or whenever you feel that you are on a plateau with your training. This will help to keep you inspired in what you are doing and safe in the knowledge that you are keeping to your Ki-Way.

The consultation will consist of some or all of the elements below:-

  • Conversation
  • Energy analysis – to work out where you are today
  • Nine star Ki – to help work out the major Energetic influences
  • Meditation
  • Tuition
  • Treatment
  • Path-walking – a technique to help you define your own path or Ki-Way
  • Chakra Analysis
  • Five Element analysis
  • Visualisation techniques such as learning how to create an image of your higher self and tuning yourself in with the Energy of that image
  • Fine tuning of your techniques – using Energy to feel the difference.

The sessions last sixty to ninety minutes and cost £38.00

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