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Case histories

The following mini case histories may help you to gain an insight into the help that shiatsu can offer you:-

“A” is a manager in a large company.  He finds it very difficult to relax.  If he wakes up in the night, he gets up and works for a few hours on the computer.  His partner is feeling distant in the relationship because he is constantly thinking about work or tired.

After a first Shiatsu treatment he slept well.  The first time for years.
After a course of several treatments he started to become more interested in things that were outside his life and eventually changed his job for one that he could enjoy more.

This new found identity and self-belief has improved his life and that of his partner.
“B” suffers with M.E and fibromyalgia.

After shiatsu sessions she was so relaxed that she nearly had to be scraped up off the futon matress1

A course of treatments enabled her to take on a night shift job and be “full of beans” when she came home after work.
“C” suffers with M.E, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression.

After intensive shiatsu treatment she has become happier, lost weight, has less pain and has change from a job that she hated to one that she loves.

Her opinion is that shiatsu helped her to gain the strength to do this.
“D” was suffering with stomach pains that had been diagnosed as gastritis – most probably induced by stress. A short series of treatments reduced the stress and helped him to make changes in his life that were long overdue.  The gastritis has gone and he is happier.
“D” was having trouble sleeping and is semi paralysed from a stroke. He is now sleeping more normally and is starting to regain movement in his finger tips.
“E” has had a sore neck for years.  She has seen many other therapists and thought that she would give Shiatsu a try. Weekly short treatments have almost completely removed the pain.  She no longer needs pain killers.
"F” has emphysema. Specific movement exercises have helped him to “open up his chest” and breathe more easily.
“G” was pregnant. Short Shiatsu treatments helped her to have a more comfortable pregnancy and she has now given birth to a beautiful baby boy.



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