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When is Shiatsu ineffective?
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There are a few common sense conditions that Shiatsu cannot help for, in the short term. Once recovery is underway, sometimes Shiatsu can help speed up the recovery process.

The conditions for which Shiatsu is not recommended are:-

  • Fever
  • Infectious or contagious disease
  • Not to be applied directly to open wounds, bruises, varicose veins, burns or broken bones

In the case of risk of transmitting an infection or disease, distant healing can be applied. This has been employed many times and appears to have a good effect. It has also been used for problems where the therapist cannot gain access to the client – usually because they are too far away.

In the case of localised injury – poking it will not make it any better!

However, if for example you have broken a bone in your right arm, Shiatsu to every part of the body except the right arm seems to be beneficial in helping with pain reduction and assisting your healing and recovery processes.



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