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There are two basic ways that you can have a Shiatsu treatment. You can have either a short treatment or a full treatment.

Full Treatment

For the full treatment, you should set aside around 90 minutes. The treatment will start with discussion about what your requirements and aims are.

After the discussion you will receive a full Shiatsu treatment. This usually takes about an hour. The time is slightly unpredictable because the treatment will only finish when it is complete. If it takes more than an hour to complete the full treatment then that is what you will receive.

After the treatment you will be given some time to "come back". If you would like a drink then you will be offered one. When you are ready, we will discuss the treatment, what happened and decide upon a strategy to help you move from the position that you are in now to the position that you want to be in.

When you have gone, Ray will write up the treatment. If you would like a copy of the notes, please ask and they will be given to you free of charge.

Short Treatment

The short treatment is exactly what it says - a shorter version of the full treatment. Ray will usually work on your back and it can be either on the futon mattress or on the specially designed Shiatsu chair.

There is less diagnostic work, the treatment time is shorter and the discussion part of the treatment will be more limited.

Short treatments are a good way of trying Shiatsu for the first time because the investment cost is low.

Short treatments can also be very powerful. Ray is helping people to manage various problems efficiently by giving them weekly short treatments to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Courses of Treatments

If you decide that Shiatsu is good for you, you may wish to take up a course of treatments. If you purchase four treatments or more at the same time then a 20% discount is available. Please note that this is only available for full treatments.

The Five Season Package

Shiatsu can be used either to regain or to maintain health. As with everything – it is easier to keep something working than to repair it after it is broken. Health maintenance is therefore a good idea if you would prefer to be ill less often.

A traditional way of maintaining health in the Far East has been to have Shiatsu with the seasons. If you think about when you have been ill in your life, the chances are that it was around the changes of the seasons.

If we consider the Five Element system, we have five seasons in the year – not four. Having a Shiatsu treatment at the transition of the season is a traditional and enjoyable way of maintain your health.

The Five Season Package offers you the opportunity of purchasing all five treatments up front and enjoying a discount of 20% for your block booking.



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