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When can Shiatsu help?
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As the years go by and I work with all types of different clients, the range of clients that have benefitted from Shiatsu treatment continues to amaze and impress me.

The reason for the wide scope of Shiatsu is that when properly applied, Shiatsu will help you to become very relaxed and allow your body, mind and spirit to become energised and increase the overall level of your Chi.

I have used Shiatsu to help people improve physical and emotional issues along with the more existential problems in life such as “am I doing the right thing” or “where is my life taking me”.

Shiatsu in itself does not offer solutions to life’s problems but it can help you to find your own solutions in your own way through. 

Shiatsu gives you the opportunity to gather yourself, understand what your Energy is doing and then move on by learning techniques to help you with your Energy.  This is a valuable thing for anybody and can assist you with your healing processes or help you to make the most of where your life is at this present moment in time and space.

In essence, there are very few conditions whether they are of the body, mind or spirit that cannot be helped with Shiatsu.  It is true though that for some people, other treatment approaches could be better than Shiatsu or could augment the Shiatsu process.  If you are in any doubt, please refer to the section that explains some of the conditions that Shiatsu is not so good for and speak to Ki-Ways.



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