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Before the treatment it is a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to get to the Ki-Ways studio. This means that you are relaxed when you get there and in a better frame of mind to receive a Shiatsu treatment.

You will need to wear clothing that allows you to move about freely. Sometimes leg stretches and rotations are included in the treatment. It is therefore a good idea for women to wear something that protects their modesty when having legs manipulated – such as track suit bottom or shorts.

Some people like to take a few notes about the follow up recommendations but there will always be a pen and paper available to you and it has even been known for people to take photos of Ray doing certain exercises so that they can remember how to do them.

In the end though, all you need for the session is yourself. If you can bring a smile as well – it is a good start but if you are feeling too awful for that, I will try and make sure that you leave with a smile!

After treatment

After the treatment, you will feel very relaxed. Make sure that you do drink some water as this helps your body chemistry to adjust after the treatment.

Sometimes, people feel a little "spaced out" after the treatment. This is especially true for people who came to the treatment in a very tired state or are detoxifying something from their bodies. The feeling will soon pass. Ray will be able to help you "come back" if you need to drive somewhere.

Occasionally, the treatment can make people feel worse for a short time. This again will soon pass. It is actually a very good sign because it meant that the treatment has helped you to unlock your healing processes. The phenomenon has been called the "healing crisis" by many therapists and occurs when your energetic matrix sets itself in a new direction towards healing by temporarily exaggerating the symptoms of your complaint. It is therefore a positive sign that the treatment is working for you.


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