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What is Shiatsu?
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"Shiatsu is a touch based therapy that applies pressure to areas of the surface of the body for the purpose of correcting imbalances, and maintaining and promoting health" according to the UK Standard CNH13 definition.

This definition of Shiatsu deliberately avoids phrases like "healing" and "illness" because the implications of these words are that scientific testing fully agrees with the concepts behind Shiatsu – which it does not.

Whilst it is true that there is no full scientific proof on the efficacy of Shiatsu, the same could be said of many aspects of life. Nothing is ever guaranteed in life and even the "proven" remedies do not always work.

So, if you decide to give Shiatsu a try, what will you expect?

Shiatsu uses the concepts of Chi, Yin and Yang, the Five Elements along with western physiology and many other ideas to help the client create an internal "space" within the client where some kind of improvement of your mind, body and spirit can happen more easily.

Shiatsu treatment can employ pressure, joint rotations, stretches or even off body work to harmonise the flow of Energy in meridians or to balance the Energy in different areas of your body.

After a Shiatsu treatment, most clients feel very relaxed and more positive about next steps in their lives.

No two Shiatsu treatments are the same. Shiatsu employs many tools to ensure that the therapist is working on the part of your energetic matrix that is most willing to change and help you to maintain and hopefully improve your physical and inner health.


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