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Empty hand form just means that you do not have a weapon in your hand and that your hand is actually your weapon.

The spirit of the bare hand form is that of Earth Energy.  It is the grounding upon which all Tai Chi development takes place.  It is practiced slowly and is very settling and calming for your Energy.

The hand form can teach you the entire range of Tai Chi learning from health to martial arts and through to the spiritual aspects of the art.

Practicing Tai chi hand forms has benefits that are too numerous to list fully but they include stress reduction, better posture, balance, improved breathing, internal fitness, better sleep, detoxification, better muscle tone, improved suppleness, emotional stability and intellectual growth.

Empty hand forms are suitable for all no matter what your age or fitness level may be.  If you are already very fit, there are plenty of challenges for you in Tai Chi but if you are not so fit then have much to gain from the benefits of Tai Chi practice.



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