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In Tai Chi hand forms, we learn how to create the eight energies of Tai Chi and how to use Yin and Yang to flow with them.

In the sword form we learn how to create those energies one at a time and flow with our weapon.

In the sable form we must be able to spontaneously create several of the Energies at the same time. For this reason, the sabre form is taught after the hand and sword forms even though it is a much shorter sequence.

The spirit of the sable form is metal Energy and the tiger. It is fierce like a tiger with sharp teeth and claws. The chopping motions create a feel for metal energy that induces feelings of mental and physical clarity.

The Tai Chi sabre continues along the path that you have lain out with your bare hand and sword and therefore increases their benefits practice but by now the practitioner will be looking towards the more spiritual aspects of the art.

With correct guidance, the sabre and sword can be used to "chop away" karmic links that are no longer needed and be a part of your overall spiritual development.



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