The Tai Chi Upgrade Course - Finding Energy within your Movement

Venue: The Angel Hotel, North Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire
Cost: Whole day is £70.00 Morning only £40.00
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Some recent comments from attendees:

"We were all made to feel really relaxed"

"There was a nice steady pace to the day - making it suitable for all age groups and abilities"

"I really enjoyed the exercises and focus on energy. It has made a huge difference to my practice"

"If we told anyone what we managed to achieve that day they would never believe us!"

If you want to come for just the morning, that is OK but you will need to come for the morning session if you want to join the fun for the afternoon because we will be working on some of the Energy that we develop in the morning for that session. Concessions are available for senior citizens. Please ask for details.

The idea of the Tai Chi upgrade course is that anybody can benefit from it whether they are complete beginners or Tai Chi masters. We will go through a process that allows us to delve very deeply into the Energy of the form using quite simple techniques that build on each other throughout the day. It is not even vital that you practice Tai Chi. I have taught it to Yoga teachers before who has found it valuable as have students from other martial arts.

In the morning we will look at some interesting exercises to soften our bodies and relax our minds. This will flow into having a foray into the world of pushing hands. After the break I will show you some training routines that I know are quite unique because they were invented by me and two of my training partners. They are based on an exercise that our teacher taught, Chris Pei to us.

In the afternoon we will learn about "The Tenth Essence of Tai Chi" which is "Seeking stillness in motion and motion within stillness". Understanding of this essence allows us to become very sensitive to Energy and learn how to manipulate Energy. By the end of the session you will have experienced Energy in a very real way that will leave no doubt in your mind about the reality of the experience. This however is only a stepping stone. Once we have all stepped together into the world of Energy, we will investigate how to use it for Tai Chi practice or any other work that you may do.

The venue for the course is in the centre of Bourne, Lincolnshire. The manager of the hotel has kindly offered a discount to any course participants who want to stay for the night. Food will be available on the day at extra cost - please let me know if you need food ordering. The Angel's website is

If you are unsure about practicing Tai Chi for a full day, the venue has an area where you will be welcomed to sit back and relax for as long as you want. Previous course participants have commented about the fact that they felt "surprisingly energised" after the session.

During the day, there will also be the opportunity to ask any questions that you want about Tai Chi.


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