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Yin and Yang are the opposites that make up everything in the Universe. Positive/negative, up/down, winter/summer, day/night, sugar/salt, fast/slow are all examples of Yin and Yang pair. The list could obviously go on for ever!

The terms Yin and Yang come from Taoism but again, many ancient cultures had or have similar concepts. They were not learned out of old text books but by observing people and how they interacted with their environment.

When we understand Yin and Yang we understand the rhythms of life better. We can plan to do things that suit our Energy better in the time and place that we are in at the moment.

Tai Chi, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, macrobiotics meditation and many other art forms such as other marital arts and meditation can use the theories of Yin and Yang.

Understanding Yin and Yang better means that you will understand the core of what you are doing better and your progression will be faster.

We will run workshop, lessons and seminars to teach you how to understand Yin and Yang for your internal Universe and the external Universe.

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